Our Program

Imagine a world in which everyone not only felt empowered to make their own choices about their food, but had the knowledge to make the right ones. At Cook Play Live, we believe this future is possible. Our unique practical skills focused curriculum mixes nutritional guidance and interactive cooking experiences within the realities of a busy life. We educate K-12 students and parents in New York City’s underserved neighborhoods to take control of their health and to be ambassadors of the power of eating well.
We’re building a healthier America one class at a time.

Our Sessions

Our six session or eighteen session workshops for K-12 students and their parents are structured around age-appropriate activities, discussions, and interactive demonstrations. 

  • Introduce the basics of nutrition including how to read nutrition labels, understand portion size, grocery shop on a budget, and more 
  • Teach cooking and mindful eating using healthful methods, ingredients, and food substitutions
  • Use Healthy Habit Challenges to encourage students to integrate nutrition awareness into everyday life
  • Prepare students to live healthier lives and carry new knowledge into their futures


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